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Speaker Abstracts


The Call for Speaker Abstracts Has Closed as of November 25, 2012, 11:59PM ET

The preliminary track topics were developed for the 2013 NPSF Patient Safety Congress through a series of brainstorming calls that were open to the field. In alignment with those identified priorities, the breakout sessions will be organized around the following topics and can include examples from across the health care landscape and beyond.

Abstracts will be considered in the areas of:

  1. Health Information Technology: Building Solutions for Patient Safety
    This track will include topics on:
    • Advances in patient safety technology
    • Unintended consequences of patient safety technology
    • Building a safety oriented HIT team
    • Patient-centered medical homes
    • Adapted technologies for vulnerable populations
    • Successful deployment of safety technologies
  2. Risk Prevention: A Patient Safety Imperative
    This track will include topics on:
    • Integrating risk management and patient safety
    • Integrating quality assurance and patient safety
  3. Employee Engagement: Bringing the Joy & Meaning Back to Work
    This track will include topics on:
    • Reengaging staff to improve patient safety
    • Employee satisfaction and its relationship to patient safety
    • Respect in the workplace
    • Reinvigorating the spirit of teamwork
  4. Transformational Models for Safe Health Care Delivery
    This track will include topics on:
    • Health care reform and its implications on safety
    • Public policy issues
    • Patient safety in the medical home
  5. Patient and Family Engagement: The Essence of Patient Safety
    This track will include topics on:
    • Successes of patient and family councils
    • Accelerating improvement by partnering with patients and families
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